Certification Courses from University of Mysore

Kannada Academy offers two certification courses in affiliation with University of Mysore . This course is suitable for children who are in high school and above.

  • Basic Kannada Certificate Course [BKCC] :

  • Advanced Kannada Certificate Course [AKCC]

Basic Kannada Certificate Course [BKCC] - details

The University of Mysore has extended moral support to the Kannada Academy, USA, which is propagating the Kannada language and culture across the globe. In this regard, the University of Mysore has recognized for special certificate courses Basic Kannada Certificate Course [BKCC].

BKCC – Duration 1 year, consisting of two semesters, total 16 credits.

The details of the courses as follows:

Structure of BKCC

Semester Paper Title of the paper Total Marks Components and Marks Teaching hours/ Week Credit

C1 C2 C3

I I Swaraballa 1 100 15 15 70 4 4

I II Swaraballa 2 100 15 15 70 4 4

II III Aksharaballa 1 100 15 15 70 4 4

II IV Aksharaballa 2 100 15 15 70 4 4

Note:- Teaching hours per week will consist of instructions hours + homework. Typically, each class will consist of 90mins/120mins of instruction time and rest of mandatory hours will be covered by the student

Syllabus of BKCC:

Semester- I

Paper – I (Swaraballa-1) : Numbers, colors, relationships, body, plants, animals, pronouns, common nouns, verbs, adjectives, 3rd person neuter present tense, short vowel letters and symbols, consonant letters and subscripts and blends.

Paper – II (Swaraballa-2) : Numbers, colors, relationships, body, plants, animals, pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, 3rd person neuter past & future tense, long vowel letters and symbols, special vowels and symbols, consonant letters and subscripts and blends.

Semester- II

Paper - III (Aksharaballa-1: Numbers, colors, relationships, body, plants, animals, pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, 1st and 2nd person tenses. Consonant letters, their subscripts and blends.

Paper – IV (Aksharaballa-2): Numbers, relationships, body, plants, animals, adverbs, adjectives, 3rd person human tense. Consonants, aspirate Consonants letters, their subscripts and Diphthongs and blends.


The BoS has approved the textbooks developed by Shiva Gowder of USA and published by “Kannada Development Authority, Government of Karnataka, Bengaluru, as textbooks to this course.

Reference Books:

The BoS has approved following books as reference books for the course:

  1. Kannada Madhyama Vyakarana - T.N.Shrikantayya.

  2. Hosa Kannada Vyakarana - Vidwan N. Ranganatha Sharma.

  3. Odu Barahada Guttu - Sumatheendra Nadiga, Sapna Book House, Bangalore.

  4. Kannada Varnagallu - Sediyappu Krishna Bhatt.

  5. Kannada Kaipidi Samputa - Prasaranga, University of Mysore, Mysuru.

  6. Kannada Vyakarana Abhyasa Margadarshi - G.S. Gopal.

  7. Ubhaya Bhashabyasa - K. T. Gatti.

  8. Kannada Vyakarana Darpana - M.V. Nagaraj Rao.

  9. Kannada vyakarana Parichaya - C. Giri Gowda.


BoS has approved for teacher’s qualification as below –

1. Teacher will be a graduate from recognized university in India or USA.

2. Teacher will have undergone at the minimum Kannada as first language in their matriculation.

3. The BoS has also approved that, the faculties of University of Mysore, Mysuru, shall deliver special lectures through online mode.

Enrollment Fees

BoS designated fees for the year 2021 is $240

Enrollment fees covers

1. University of Mysore application fees

2. Kannada academy Examination and Evaluation fees

3. 4 level books for the entire year

4. University of Mysore certification fees for the course completion

5. Kannada Academy registration and Online access

Student Eligibility

1. Prospective students in United states of America /Canada with 14 years and above.

2. Adults who are planning to learn Kannada are welcome as well.