General Advisory Council

Shri T.S. Nagabharana

T. S. Nagabharana’s contribution to Kannada theatre is phenomenal. Being the student of legendary theatre personality Padmasri B V Karanth, for the past 40 years, Nagabharana has been active in theatre in capacities as an actor, director, and writer and has won numerous awards at state, national and international platforms.

Nagabharana previously served as President of Kannada Development Authority  under the Govt of Karnataka.

Shri Suresh Krishnaiah

Suresh is very enthusiastic about the Kannada language and cultural activities. As a volunteer, he has done an incredible amount of work in Wisconsin Kannada Koota and the AKKA director committee.

Suresh Krishnaiah in his professional capacity is working as a Quality director in North Western Mutual company in Milwaukee.

Shri Vallisha Shastry

Vallisha Shastry is not only an active person in the Kannada organizations but is also the founder of Navika org.

Vallisha Shastry is currently serving as the President of Navika and the Vice President of Kannada literature (U.S.A).