Us ನಾವು

Kannada Academy here onwards called KA is the largest Kannada organization of freestanding Kannada Schools in the world.

KA supports more than 70 Kannada schools and learning centers in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. KA has over 800 trained volunteer teachers that teach Kannada to those interested in learning the 2000-year-old language using the curriculum specifically designed for English learners. KA is driven by a determination to maximize Kannada speakers globally through identifying, developing, and sharing best educational practices. The Academy will promote and continue to develop a vision for Kannada education that is truly international in perspective as well as in its focus.

KA was founded in 2020 by a team of Kannada enthusiasts led by Shiva Gowder, with an emphasis on supporting Kannada schools with standards as established by KA but individual schools and teachers take the pride in teaching Kannada in the local communities. They believed that Kannada is best taught when local communities craft their schools and community-specific strategies while delivering the high-quality teaching and training collaboratively developed by all.

The vision continues at KA as we make available the tools and resources for schools to achieve their learning goals while avoiding any centralized control that might not be the best fit for individual schools. The tools and resources KA provide include a Learning Management system(LMS), training, and education for teachers, and continuously improving curriculum based on the feedback from teachers and students while enhancing the underlying flow by content using new research and standards. The local teachers and leaders decide how they would like their Kannada schools to be run to achieve, and KA will support them in getting there.

KA conducts online courses for Kannada learners affiliated with the University of Mysore. It also offers teacher-led special sources for adult learners.

KA is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools and Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Kannada Academy is a 501-©-(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission

The Kannada language is an ancient South Indian Language, one of the four major literary languages of the Dravidian family, with a long history and rich literature. We at Kannada academy believe that the mother tongue plays a very important role in developing thoughts, shaping experiences, exploring customs, and articulating values, and in preserving the culture and heritage.

Kannada Academy seeks to preserve and promote Kannada culture and language beyond India. In addition to providing materials for learning Kannada, Kannada Academy encourages cultural activities such as music, dance, drama, and any art form based on Kannada language and culture. We strive to create a program that is focused and instructive, while at the same time being energetic and fun. We hope to create an environment, where the Kannada language and culture are valued and a sustainable community is created.

To create an international platform for all related Kannada Language and Culture, with a specific focus on education - teaching and learning efforts to collaborate and share.


Teach Kannada to one and all.

Our Values

  • We place Kannada learners at the center

  • We believe Kannada belongs to everyone and will help anyone learn it.

  • We teach everyone irrespective of their race, religion, gender, age, or national origin.

  • We work together as a family and treat fellow members with respect and affection.

  • We let everyone’s voice and opinions be heard and believe in collective decision making.

  • We work with like-minded individuals and organizations wherever possible.

  • We place our organization above oneself and work selflessly on its mission.

  • The dedication of our volunteers is the foundation of our organization.

  • Foster teaching & administrative excellence

Our Goals

  • Promote Kannada in spoken and written forms among people of all ages in an interactive, fun, immersive, and engaging environment.

  • Elevate the standard of the Kannada Learning

  • Facilitate collective effort and creativity

  • Organize lectures, camps, competitions, and other programs to complement and enhance learning.

  • Inspire and build a committed base of volunteers and instructors to serve society by working to propagate Kannada.

  • Accreditation, recognition in schools

  • Improved Curriculum and Books

  • e-Learning and online portal