• No English note taking in book

Book uses some English letters to help self-learn at beginner levels, but do not expect kids to write in English.

  • Follow the instructions as in the books

If the instruction says “Say” just make them say even though there blanks below the exercises. they are just for space holders

  • Try to go through all the exercises in the class and make them writing exercise as home work

  • Assign kids some spoken exercise examples:

      • Tell the story that you heard today to your mom

      • Quiz your dad or siblings about their favorite foods

      • What other words can be used for a words

  • If kids struggle with a particular word, make them say it clearly 10 times. the muscle memory helps to ease the difficulty

  • English speakers find these difficult. Pay special attention to these pronunciation

Retroflex letters: la-La na-Na da-Da

  • English learners get mixed up with these to as English uses these letters interchange

i-e d-Da ja-ga

  • Inside help: Student helpers

Some kids are good at language skills and absorb things quicker. Some families enforce speaking Kannada home already familiar with concept also absorb faster. Find students that have are good at the things being taught. If they are use them as lead to help others assigning them a responsibility. Some kids are good at learning writing (script) Don't use the same leads all the time as it may affect the moral of others Kids look at teachers as role model, they do love to teach. if some kids are food in spoken, make use their interest to teach others on a small assignment.