How to teach online Classes?

General guidelines


  • Only the host (the teacher) needs to login to the on-line account

  • Teachers should use bigger screen to see the videos of all the students

  • Use Zoom white board feature for writing or showing

  • Use the highlighter in Zoom app to mark section of interest

  • Keep students engaged


  • Students should use touch screen devices like Phones, Surface, Ipad and etc

  • Students should install online meeting apps if they are using phones

  • Parents must be around to help kids

  • Students should keep hard copy of the books and their notebooks like a normal class

  • Teachers can use ebooks online with Screen sharing option on zoom to show the online books.


  • Online classes are good for an hour at a stretch.

  • Consider proper breaks if duration is more than hour

  • Weekly classes are preferred than bi-weekly

  • Prefer teacher student ratio under 5

  • keeping the same class structure as in on-site classes

  • Recordings are not needed. please get legal approval from parents before you record online session.

Sample online Classes