Class v/s Home learning

There is a myth when it comes to teaching Kannada. A lot of parents think that Kannada language can be taught easily and effectively through songs and stories. It is true language can be learnt that way, but is that “easy and effective” is questionable.

Is all knowledge due to a conscious processes, or is some knowledge acquired by unconscious processes?

What is explicit/implicit learning?

Implicit learning is a passive process, people acquire knowledge of new information through exposure. Implicit learning is acquisition of knowledge about the underlying structure of a complex stimulus environment by a process which takes place naturally, simply and without conscious operations. This is how kids learn the local language as a first language. There is no extra effort put to deliberate learning of the language. Kids get immersed with language spoken around predominately by friends, neighbors and TV.

However explicit learning is an active process, people seek out the structure of any information that is presented to them. Generally this is the second language they learn in schools or home due to ethnic background. Explicit learning is a more conscious operation where the individual makes and tests hypotheses in a search for structure. Knowledge attainment can thus take place implicitly (a non-conscious and automatic abstraction of the structural nature of the material arrived at from experience of instances), explicitly through selective learning.

Implicit learning (IL) is no episodic learning of complex information in an incidental manner, without awareness of what has been learned.

Is implicit learning easier than explicit learning?

the human brain always looks for pattern. In an implicit learning context brain needs lot of data to be consumed over a long period of tine to arrive at a pattern for a framework. It takes lot of unstructured data to arrive at a structure. Since it takes longer to intake and process the data it's not effective or efficient learning methods.

Is all methods of learning equal?

All explicit methods also involves some of the implicit learning. The more the explicit learning more effective it is the learning process. Depending on the curriculum and delivery of the content with one being more prevalent that the other causes the learning context unequal.