Today we had teachers meeting. I was very happy to hear everybody’s story. I myself attend every class to make sure if any teacher needs help. Classes are going very well and teachers are very excited along with students, they even won’t realize the time after an hour of class 😊 Glad to be part of Kannada Academy - Principal, Calgary Kannada Shaale

"You have been amazing for us in turning our vision into a reality.
Some of us will definitely extend this help to other such schools as being representatives of various committees"

"Without your help and support we wouldn’t have come to this stage. Long way to go but starting was important which we have achieved with the help of you and Kannada Academy team. Thanks to all of them"

"Thanks a lot Kannada Academy for all support and motivation. All the trainings has given us confidence to all non teachers to teach class successfully"

"Thank you all the organisers and teachers! It was a really enjoyable class. My older daughter who was initially hesitant, now wants to join the classes. It says a lot!"

"Chinmayi enjoyed her class with Vindhya teacher.Teacher interaction with students is great, more importantly my kid is looking for next class.Kudos to team.. 👏👏"

"Thank you everyone for your efforts and making the first session fun for the kids. Both our kids have been showing off what they learnt. The material seems to be structured and easy for kids to follow"

“The program offers high quality and easy to follow pictorial curriculum. Kids enjoy the sessions and are encouraged to learn more. It also ensures that the legacy of kannada language is passed onto the next generation.”

- Archana Neergunda, Parent

“When we visit India, it is always a pleasure to see that our kids are excited to try to read a hoarding sign, street names and newspapers. Their confidence in kannada vocabulary has tremendously increased due to attending kannada Kali classes. Our childhood memories of kannada stories and poems are becoming theirs now.”

- Viji Masti, Parent

"Very impressed with your flow of Kannada words! Proud of your teaching interest!

Glad to see your achievement and interest in teaching"

- About Mithali Sharma, a 8th grader who has learnt Kannada using Kannada Academy curriculum

"No words to express for your commitment, sacrifice, dedication and the urge to drive others within the committed timelines and work as a Team as well ensure to deliver as per the target. You have stood as backbone for all of us and ensured to leave a footprint which is a learning as well. I am sure as we sail along with the goal to spread the wings across and ensure to build this Kannada Kali - Scotland. Thanks once again"

"ಕನ್ನಡ‌ ಅಕ್ಯಾಡಮಿಯ ಕಾರ್ಯ ನಿಜಕ್ಕೂ ಶ್ಲಾಘನೀಯ ಮತ್ತು ಅನುಕರಣೀಯ, ದೂರದೇಶದಲ್ಲಿ ಕನ್ನಡ ಕಲಿಸುವ, ಉಳಿಸುವ ಕೈಂಕರ್ಯ ದಿಲ್ಲಿ ತೊಡಗಿರುವುದು ಸಂತೋಷದ ವಿಷಯ"

- ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಿನಾರಾಯಣ್ , ಬರಹಗಾರರು

"ತುಂಬಾ ಒಳ್ಳೆಯ ಕೆಲಸ, ತಾಯಿ ಭಾಷೆಯ ಮೇಲಿನ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಎಂದರೆ ಏನೆಂಬುದು ಇಂತಹ ಲೇಖನ ಓದಿದಾಗ ಮಾತ್ರ ತಿ಼ಳಿಯಲು ಸಾದ್ಯ ಶಿವಕುಮಾರ್ ಗೌಡರ್ ಮತ್ತು ತಂಡದವರಿಗೆ ನನ್ನ ನಮನಗಳು"

- ಭಾರತಿ ಹಾದಿಗೆ, ಸಾಹಿತಿಗಳು ಹಾಸನ

"We are happy that we came across Kannada Acamedy. Thanks Naveen Mallikarjunaiah, Shivu Gowdar sir and everyone who are Volunteering for Kannada Academy "

- Kannada Kali, Malaysia

"This is so inspiring elder kids teaching younger kids and kids developing apps. This is next generation concept. Thanks to Kannada Academy and its Vision "

- Prashant, Michigan

"Thank you Kannada academy! We here at Charlotte -Aata Paata Shaale are very happy with the books and Google classrooms and LMS! "

-Kannada Kali, Charlotte